Energy Management

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Commercial energy procurement, technical energy management, analysis of building services engineering, renegotiation of energy and heating contracts
Sustainable management of real estate begins with the development of holistic energy management
Energy costs make up a large proportion of real estate operating costs and thus provide margins for improvement. With proper leverage, these potentials can be increased with relatively little effort. Argentus will help you reach the goal of sustainable real estate management. This comprises reduction of costs, consumption and thus environmentally harmful emissions.

Commercial energy management
The first step of professional energy management is collecting, completing and organising all necessary consumption and cost data. After processing all the documents, we analyse them and devise a procurement strategy tailored to your requirements. In addition to the development of a procurement model, this strategy also includes the setup of a comprehensive building vacancy management, the conversion to CO2-neutral energy supply or the design of tenant electricity and tenant gas products.
Among other things, the commercial energy management offered by Argentus includes the following services:

  • Long-term decrease of energy prices and reduction of procurement risks through the use of long-standing market knowledge of the energy industry
  • Collection, completion, and organisation of all energy data
  • Development of an individual procurement strategy
  • Re-tendering of the energy supply contracts
  • Transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply
  • Establishment of tenant electricity and gas products
  • Establishment of building vacancy management
  • Ongoing contract management and auditing of accounts

Technical energy management
For technical energy management, Argentus generally uses processed data from commercial energy management, compares it with corresponding benchmark data, and thus identifies properties with consumption savings potential.
Among other things, the technical energy management offered by Argentus includes the following services:

  • Analysis of the installed building services engineering (district heating, heating, air conditioning, and cooling supplies as well as measurement systems) in order to identify potential for technical and economical optimisation
  • Renegotiation of district heating supply contracts
  • Evaluation, renegotiation and re-tendering of contracting agreements
  • Performance of holistic energy studies
  • Performance of energy audits
  • Establishment of holistic energy management
  • Creation of decentralised, CO2-neutral energy supply solutions