Property Consulting

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Conceptualisation and support in the implementation of special technical projects, technical property inspections and site inventories
Real estate assets change over the course of their life cycle. Alterations, modernisation and complete transformation of real estate are therefore not uncommon. Numerous technical and operating cost-related challenges can arise in the course of these changes. In the course of technical inspections, Argentus analyses the building infrastructure, identifies issues, develops solution strategies with the clients and the respective real estate managers, and implements them on behalf of its clients.
Our experts can provide you with the following services:

  • Technical property inspections and site inventories
  • Development and implementation of measurement concepts and submetering
  • Analysis and restructuring of customer facilities (object networks)
  • Optimisation of the operation of transformer stations
  • Outsourcing: Founding of energy companies
  • Tendering of metering services
  • Optimisation of disposal services
  • Revitalisation of lighting systems
  • Optimisation of the telecommunications infrastructure