Operating Cost Management

explains OCM

Lower expenses for owners and property managers: Argentus optimises all consumption-dependent and consumption-independent operating costs of your property and establishes sustainable and efficient property operations. This results in only minimal costs for our customers. The recording and completion of the data required for our work is carried out by Argentus in coordination with the respective property managers.

Commercial &
technical potential analysis

Within the framework of the initial assessment, we recommend which types of operating costs we should examine in detail. We complete and analyse the information on existing service contracts and invoices and benchmark the inventoried documents against comparable portfolios in our database. We also identify potential for both commercial and technical savings in the building. The objective of this project phase is to create a potential analysis with initial optimisation approaches that promise meaningful and sustainable savings.

Technical inspection
of the property

After we have analysed all consumption-dependent and consumption-independent operating cost in the first step, we can conduct a focused technical inspection of the property, if desired. During this inspection, we carry out interviews with the local technical service providers, amongst other measures. The objective is to derive specific action recommendations as well as an estimate of the expense and investment costs based on which our customers can make well-founded decisions for the future.

of the supply and service contracts

Ongoing supply and service contracts frequently offer significant savings potential. In addition, contracts with technical service providers frequently harbour hidden operator risks due to unclear liability boundaries. We represent you at the negotiating table or rewrite the contracts – from the formulation of the tender documents to the implementation of the bidding process. The objectives are to achieve clear cost reductions in the contracts, improve the service quality of the providers, establish clearly defined operator responsibility and eliminate legal risks in the accounting of operating costs.

Success measurement and ongoing servicing of your property

We are proud of our work. We are happy to make it transparent for you with our regular reports. For sustainably optimised property operations, we also offer continued servicing of your property. In addition to continuous consumption and cost controlling, this also includes, for instance, continued contract management (documentation, renegotiation, evaluation) and controlling of the technical service providers.