Services offered by Argentus for the sustainable management of commercial and residential real estate:

Energy procurement
Lowering energy prices by creating price transparency and using many years of business expertise within the energy market.

  • Collection, completion, and organisation of all energy data
  • Development of an individual procurement strategy
  • Tendering of electricity and gas supply contracts
  • Renegotiation of district heating supply contracts
  • Renegotiation of contracting arrangements
  • Transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply

Commercial and technical consultancy
Analysis, benchmarking, and visualisation of energy consumption patterns in order to identify potential savings

  • Holistic energy studies
  • Establishment of technical energy concepts
  • Analysis of district heating, heating, air conditioning, and cooling supplies in order to identify potential for technical and economical optimization
  • Energy management concepts
  • Cost-benefit analyses

Operation and decentralised energy supply
Conceptualisation, tendering and realisation of optimisation and restructuring measures

  • Creation of decentralised, CO2-neutral energy supply solutions
  • Analysis and conceptual restructuring of customer facilities (site networks)
  • Tendering for evaluations of contracting solutions
  • Measurement concepts & submetering
  • Tendering for measurement services such as heat cost allocators and heat meters
  • Optimisation of the operation of transformer stations
  • Optimisation of maintenance contracts

Energy management concepts
Conceptualisation of special energy management concepts and supervision of their implementation.

  • Strategic consultancy on the positioning of real estate companies on the energy market
  • Outsourcing: Conceptualisation and support for the establishment of energy companies
  • Conceptualisation and support for electricity and gas products to be offered to tenants